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You Must Join These Top 3 Fuel Rewards Programs

With the expectation that gas prices will soon exceed the $3.00 a gallon mark, it would be wise to think ahead on how to start saving money. Of course, you could just stop driving, but that’s hardly ideal. During the summer, travel increases exponentially, so you’ll need to find another solution. How about signing up for a fuel rewards program?

How Fuel Rewards Programs Work

Almost every fuel rewards program is offered for free. You won’t need to spend money before you start saving money. That’s never really made any sense, honestly.

Either way, fuel rewards programs use a points-based system in order to help you save. With each purchase, you’ll earn a certain amount of points that can be used toward future savings. Many gas stations offer some type of rewards for using their stations, but here are three that you should especially be pumped for.

Exxon Mobil Rewards+

With the Exxon Mobil Rewards Plus Program, you will earn 3 points for each gallon of fuel purchased. But it doesn’t stop there. You will also receive 2 points for every $1 you spend on giving your vehicle a bath and stocking up on road trip munchies.

You can redeem these points on fuel, car washes, and convenience store purchase for every 100 points you accumulated. Every 100 points will give you $1 off any of these types of purchases. With only an elementary knowledge of math, you can see that only a few fill-ups and snack items will earn you $1 off very quickly.

BP Driver Rewards

The BP Driver Rewards Program will give the driver 10 cents off for every $100 spent on fuel up to 20 gallons. If traveling by car is not the only way you plan on getting around, the BP Driver Rewards Program has a second program for frequent flyers.

BP has partnered with United Airlines to offer a combination of fuel and miles rewards. You can earn 2 MileagePlus—the name of the program—for every gallon of gas you purchase. So the more you fill up your tank, the more you can fly through the air.

The extra bonus with the BP Driver Rewards Program is if you don’t use your MileagePlus points, they can be redeemed at the fuel pump. Whether you drive or fly, savings are aplenty.

Shell Fuel Rewards

The Shell Fuel Rewards Program takes it up a notch. Their rewards program comes with two tiers—Silver, and Gold. The Silver status will save you 3 cents per gallon whereas the Gold status will save you 5 cents.

Gold status is received immediately for the first 6 months and can be maintained as long as you fill up six times with a minimum of 5 gallons every 3 months. This is definitely not too hard of an achievement.

The main difference with the Shell Fuel Rewards Program is that you can earn additional savings per gallon when using your card for online and dining purchases. Of course, this acts as more of a credit card, so be careful. But you could potentially earn up to 40 cents off per gallon on subsequent fill-ups.

Start Saving on Fuel Today

Seeing as fuel rewards programs come at little to no cost to sign-up, it’s an easy decision to participate. There are plenty of other programs out there other than these three, so if these don’t suit your needs keep searching. Fuel is a necessity in our world, so saving a little money on your next fill-up is a no-brainer.

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