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Unique Ways to Save Gas

Summer is upon us, and that means gas prices are going to go up… and up… and up. We all know the typical tips that everyone always tells you in order to save on your gas consumption, like carpool and drive less, but what are some extra steps you can take to cut that gas bill and save money? Here are some of our favorite.

Clean Out Your Car!

Seriously! Any extra weight you have in your car is contributing to using more gas. Empty out your back seat, get rid of that roof rack and stop riding around with your bowling ball and four pairs of shoes in your trunk. There’s a good chance you don’t need all of that in there, anyway.

Roll your Windows Up

This is an awful one in the summer, but use your AC minimally and roll your windows up. Driving with your windows down increases your drag, so you use more gas to get to the same place, and the AC pulls power, therefore using gas, from your car to run. It’s hard to make the sacrifice but it adds up.

Fill up Early in the Morning

Gas expands and contracts based on heat. If you fill your gas up early in the morning, instead of on your way home, you’re getting a little more per measured gallon at the pump because of this. The gasoline has been cooling all night underground and is at an optimum temperature to get you the most bang for your buck.  While the difference isn’t going to astonish you at first, each bit helps when gas prices are through the roof.

Stop Warming Up/Cooling Down Your Car

30 years ago, you wanted to warm your engine before you started driving. But car engines are made differently now, and you don’t need to let your car run for 10-15 minutes before driving to work or the store. The longer you’re running your car without actually going anywhere, the more gas you’re going to be using. I know it’s brutal to get into a frigidly cold or blisteringly hot car, but you’re just burning money the longer you leave it running.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

This sounds silly, right? But think about it. If you have on steel-toed construction boots or wedge sandals, your foot is heavier. You are exerting the same pressure you always do on the accelerator because you’ve done it countless times before. But the extra weight is revving your engine and using more gas, meaning you’re driving less efficiently than you would be if you were wearing light, flat shoes! Keep your footwear in mind for long journeys and it will save you cash.

Thinking outside the box is going to help you fill up for less, and less often, this summer and beyond. Keep track of when you fill up the tank, what you’re wearing and how you’re driving to ensure you’re getting the most out of each gallon of gas you pay for!

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