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Truck Driver Saves 1,400 Gallons of Fuel Using “Comprehensive Fuel Usage Analytics”

Larry Gardner is a delivery driver for Valley Farms in Williamsport, PA, who has saved the company 1,400 gallons of fuel per year by simply using True Fuel, a “comprehensive fuel usage analytics” technology developed by Vnomics Corporation.

During his 300-mile daily delivery route, Gardner has increased his fuel efficiency rating to 99.99% through August of this year. According to senior distribution manager at Upstate Niagara Cooperative John Dunn, “The savings he has generated for Valley Farms… [has lowered] our fuel cost by more than $4,000.”

What Is True Fuel Technology?

According to Vnomics website, True Fuel uses “real-time data and actionable analytics to unlock a fleet’s potential.” Since Vnomics firmly believes that miles per gallon (MPG) is not “an accurate measure of fuel performance,” it decided to develop technology that would compare a fleet’s actual MPG to its potential MPG to better assess its fuel efficiency.

The following data-points are used to create a snapshot of how a driver and its fleet are performing on the road:

  • How much fuel was used
  • How much fuel was wasted
  • Which drivers are performing well and which ones need more training
  • Which trucks are performing the best
  • What is causing fuel waste
  • How new fleet technology affects fuel efficiency

How Does True Fuel Work?

The Vnomics website lists five ways the True Fuel device can be used to “deliver unparalleled visibility to and control over one of your largest operational costs.” Below is a brief description of how True Fuel helps a company monitor its potential MPG:

  1. The device, which can be mounted on a truck’s dashboard or installed underneath, monitors fuel usage in real-time using several sensors to provide accurate data.
  2. True Fuel uses the data collected to determine the potential MPG.
  3. The device emits sounds that alert the driver if they shift improperly, speed, or idle.
  4. When their trip has concluded, True Fuel will give drivers a fair and accurate report of how well they performed during their route.
  5. Managers and supervisors are able to download these scorecards to assess whether their fleet drivers are saving or wasting fuel.

Valley Farms Case Study

According to the Vnomics case study, “the entire Valley Farms fleet, which travels 1.3 million miles annually, overall savings of 10% to 12% in fuel use is being realized. With those savings, Valley Farms has realized a return on its investment in True Fuel in less than one year.”

Currently, True Fuel technology is only available to freight truck companies that haul large fleets across the country. Whether the device hits the open market and becomes available to purchase by the average consumer is still to be determined.

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