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The Future of All-Terrain Driving

Have you ever wanted to just head to the mountains or find a rocky terrain to do some off-road driving but didn’t have the appropriate vehicle? Well, that may no longer be a problem. DSRailer, an Israeli company, has introduced the EZRaider, a small, 4-wheeled ATV powered completely by an electric motor.

The Origins of the EZRaider

The EZRaider was originally designed to assist military personnel in transporting materials during heavy-load missions. The company’s CEO, Miki Bar, who served in the Israeli Air Force with 27 years of military experience, says that the vehicle was specifically designed to easily maneuver through harsh terrain.

During its development, the creators also realized how beneficial their vehicle could be for the average civilian. Its basic design of a single platform for standing and a handlebar steering mechanism makes it ideal for traversing through rough terrain and weather. The EZRaider easily cuts through rocky terrains, sand dunes, snow, deep mud – you name it!

How Does the EZRaider Function

One of the most difficult challenges of an all-terrain vehicle is how to maintain its stability and safety. What good is an off-road vehicle if it continuously topples over because it can’t handle the complex road conditions? Well, with its low center of gravity and the unique mechanism that is already patent-protected, stability is not an issue. The EZRaider’s design ensures that it maintains constant traction with the terrain below its tires.

The EZRaider can support up to two people, whether standing or sitting, and it comes equipped with a compatible cart that can be used for carrying heavy materials such as sand, wood, or other supplies. The versatility of this all-terrain vehicle is limitless. Many professional companies use it for hauling materials to and from work sites, while the average Joe uses it for mountain range excursion. Whether it’s for work or play, the EZRaider does it all.

The All-Terrain Vehicle of the Future

The EZRaider currently comes in several different models. It really just depends on how a person plans on using theirs. One of its models, the HD4, is known for its impressive ability to haul heavy weights through any type of weather. It can travel approximately 40 miles on a single charge.

The EZRaider is suitable for anyone that wants to take it for a spin. There are even modifications that can be made for the physically handicapped so that they too can enjoy this new all-terrain wonder.

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