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School is Out: Follow These Driving Tips to Keep Kids Safe

School is out and you know what that means? Kids are everywhere and they’re bouncing all over the place. The excitement of summer vacation can hardly be contained.

This is why drivers need to take extra safety precautions when driving through neighborhoods and other areas where kids play.  Follow these driving tips in order to keep kids safe this summer.

Drive With Your Headlights On

Your vehicle’s headlights are designed in such a way that they can be seen even during the day. Make sure you keep them on at all times so that children can see you approaching. Often times, cars can blend in with the background and may not be noticed until it’s too late.

Maintain a Slower Speed

Take a look at the speed limit of neighborhoods and other areas such as parks and playgrounds and drive even slower. This will allow you to maintain a 20- to 30-second visual lead in order to react in the case of an unexpected scenario. With that said, always expect the unexpected.

Look Between Parked Vehicles

It is not uncommon to see a kid dart out from between to parked cars in pursuit of a ball or frisbee. Most of the time parks and playgrounds are further away from the street, but neighborhoods don’t have that luxury.

Many kids will play in the front yard and are not cognizant enough to look out for moving vehicles. This becomes your job! Beware of fast-moving bicycles as well especially since kids don’t know the rules of the road.

Recognize Clues That Indicate Kids Are Nearby

Sometimes you won’t be familiar with a certain location so you’ll want to look for clues that indicate kids are nearby. Ramps, balls, bicycles, and even sidewalk chalk are all things to be aware of while driving along the road. More than likely kids won’t be too far off.

Make Eye Contact

If you approach a crosswalk near a highly populated neighborhood or park, make sure you make direct eye contact with kids crossing the street. This allows both parties to anticipate each other’s moves to ensure safety. It also lets kids know that you see them.

Even when kids are in school, car accidents happen almost every day, so there’s no such thing as being too cautious. These are only a couple of tips to follow this summer as you make your way around town. Follow up with your nearest AAA organization to learn more about safe driving.

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