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Own a Truck or SUV? These 3 Driving Tips Will Save You TONS of Gas Money

If you own a truck or SUV, visiting the gas pump to fill up each week can be awfully depressing. Depending on where you’re located, it could cost upwards of $75-$80 dollars just to see that little needle eclipse the letter F on your fuel gauge.

What if you could save up to $800 a year on gas just by being a little more conscientious while on the road? Heck, if gas prices are extremely high in your area, you may even be able to save over $1,000.

Follow these 3 driving tips and start saving TONS of gas money today!

Tip #1: Slow Your Roll

If you are racing down the road because you left the house late or you forget you had to be somewhere, that’s completely on you. Despite your attempts to (illegally) fly down the road, the amount of time you’ll save is not only risking the safety of others but it’s not helping your fuel economy, either.

However, as you safely and responsibly cruise along the highway, try to drive approximately 5 mph under the speed limit rather than 5 mph over. Since aerodynamics have a significant effect on how much fuel is used—especially in trucks and SUVs—the faster you drive the more fuel your vehicle consumes.

According to recent tests, driving just 5 mph below the posted speed limit with increase your fuel economy by up to 14%.

Tip #2: Take a Chill Pill

I know what you’re thinking—chill pills went out of production in the 90s. However, despite this unfortunate circumstance, choosing to relax while driving rather than flex your automotive muscles can save a ton of money.

Instead of pounding the gas pedal to the floorboard from a dead stop, take a more conservative approach by slowly accelerating. It may take a bit to change your driving habits, but learning how to become a relaxed driver—easy on the brakes, light on going “full throttle”—will keep that money in your account.

Tests performed in California demonstrated that your fuel efficiency can increase by as much as 37% when you drive with the heart rate of a yoga instructor.

Tip #3: Be Smart With Your Luggage

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that it takes more energy to propel a heavier object than a lighter one. If you and the family are heading out of town during the holidays, chances are your truck or SUV will be packed to the brim with luggage and other necessities.

If you’re unable to fit everything inside the vehicle, purchase a cargo carrier for the top of your roof rather than strapping random pieces of luggage to the rack. Without a cargo carrier, your mpg rate could decrease by up to 21%. Investing in a cargo carrier will pay for itself in no time!

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