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Car Maintenance 101: Easier Than You Think, and You’ll Save Money

Many of us have a special bond with our car. We even give it a unique name. Something like “Ruby” if it has that beautiful red shine. Or perhaps “Lemon” because it continuously lets us down yet we just can’t it go. It doesn’t even need to be yellow to earn this name.

It’s obviously important that we cling to our cars for as long as we can. Not just for the shared adventures, but also because buying a new vehicle can be so darn expensive. Some of us would rather walk everywhere but that’s just not possible unless you live in a TV sitcom.

How to Maintain Your Current Car

Maintaining your car can seem intimidating at first thought, but it’s the small things that matter. If you can stay on top of the minor repairs, the chances of them causing major issues will be marginal. Below are some suggested ways in which you can ensure your car stays on the road years beyond its expiration date.

Regular oil changes are vital to prolonging the life of your car and ensuring that your best friend sticks around for as long as possible. When oil gets dirty, it becomes thick. At this point, it no longer properly lubricates. This causes friction between the engines moving parts. Keeping the oil clean is a necessity if you want to keep your car running effectively.

Make sure your tires are always inflated to the recommended PSI (Pound-force per square inch). The recommended PSI (tire pressure) for your car can be found on a sticker on the inside of the driver’s door. It can also be found in the owner’s manual. Not only is accurate tire pressure vital for better gas mileage, it will also decrease the chances of a wreck. It’s also important to rotate your tires so that their tread doesn’t wear to thin therefore causing an accident on the road.

Have your brakes examined on a regular basis. They are the main component in bringing your car to a stop after all. If you hear them beginning to squeak consistently, take your car to the mechanic because more than likely they need to be replaced. Worn-out brakes will affect your ability to slow your car down, but can also cause greater damage to other parts of the vehicle.

Be mindful of auto recalls. A recall is when a car’s manufacturer realizes that a particular model has a safety-related defect that must be fixed as soon as possible. Auto recalls should be conducted for free since it was the fault of the manufacturer and not the owner of the car. Ignoring an auto recall increases the chances of someone being injured as well as further damage to your car.

Maintaining Your Car Properly Can Save Money

Making sure you keep your car in good running condition can be very beneficial. Taking care of your car will result in less money spent on larger and more expensive repairs by “getting ahead” of the issue. Proper care of your car will also keep you and others safe while on the road.

And of course, maintaining your car will increase the longevity of your car’s life, therefore keeping you and your best friend united for longer. No break-downs today!

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