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Ford Motor Company Has a Big Emissions Problem, Misleading Consumers

Five years ago, the Ford Motor Company was forced by the Environmental Protection Agency to deliver 200,000 checks to customers who bought six different Ford vehicle models.

These checks contained amounts that covered the difference between what the Ford Motor Company promised customers in regard to fuel efficiency and how the vehicles actually performed.

The EPA determined that the company’s testing criteria was misleading and inaccurate.

Failed Compliance of Emissions

According to the Detroit News, a Ford Motor Company whistleblower spoke out concerning the company’s compliance methods in regard to its emissions certification process. This test is conducted in order to calculate fuel economy.

One of the main selling points that can be heard in most car commercials is the miles-per-gallon metric. Having a car that is not only practical and stylish but also great on fuel efficiency is a very marketable tagline. Customers who live and travel in certain locations will only buy particular cars based on gas mileage. It’s safe to say car manufacturers are aware of this, especially Ford.

The Effects of Misleading Fuel Tests

Misleading fuel tests most assuredly drive up fuel bills. When customers purchase a car based on a certain advertised miles-per-gallon rate, they adjust their gas budget to reflect their anticipated need. If this rate is misleading, or even false, fuel bills inflate and customers are suddenly putting more money into their vehicles than they originally wanted.

Not only are misleading fuel tests bad for the budget, but they are also terrible for the health of the public. Further research by the EPA has demonstrated that more and more vehicles are emitting an illegal amount of nitrogen oxides. Some car manufacturers are even polluting the air at a rate of 40% above the legal limit.

A Level of Concern

Unfortunately, Ford and other similar companies may continue to get away with misleading the public in regard to fuel economy and other emissions related protocol. The Detroit News also says that only 10-15% of emissions vehicle ratings are verified by the EPA because automakers are responsible for assessing their own fuel economy.

Although the Department of Justice is still investigating the Ford Motor Company for their wrongful actions, the EPA may need to take further steps to ensure that companies are acting appropriately.

Instead of misleading the customer, Ford and other automakers need to take their efforts of deception and use it to accomplish what they promised to do in the first place – invest in more fuel-saving technology.

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