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Follow These 5 Safe Driving Tips During Your Next Sporting Event

Being able to cheer on your favorite team at the stadium is an exciting experience. What’s not as much fun is the traffic that accompanies these large spectacles. In fact, some people avoid sporting events altogether because of the ridiculous traffic.

In addition to the NFL and college football season being in full swing, the NBA and NHL campaigns have recently gotten underway. Combine this with other holiday events around this time, and traffic is compounded.

We’ve put together a list of 5 driving tips that will contribute to your safety on the road as you travel to your next local sporting event. Continue reading to find out more.

Tip #1: Stay Attentive at All Times

Although you should always be attentive when driving, it’s especially important to avoid any distractions on game day. As you make your way to a parking spot, pedestrians will be weaving their way in and out of traffic with little regard to crosswalks and traffic lights.

Recruit fellow passengers to help keep an eye out for parking lots, police officers directing traffic, and pedestrians. Avoid your phone, changing the music, or deep conversations as you make your way through traffic. Keep your head on a swivel.

Tip #2: Be Aware of New Traffic Patterns

Even if you may be familiar with the traffic in your area, don’t assume it will stay unchanged during a sporting event. It’s fairly common for local police to change the traffic patterns in order to keep cars moving as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Roads that normally run both ways may become one-way only, while other roads may be shut down completely to allow safe passage for pedestrians or local traffic. Always obey local authorities and never assume you know the best route.

Tip #3: Use Your Turn Signal

Ever get frustrated when drivers refuse to use their turn signals? Although you can’t do much about others’ actions, you can make sure you do things correctly. Even though traffic will be very slow, never neglect your turn signal. It allows other cars and pedestrians to know what your next step is so they can act accordingly.

Tip #4: Don’t Change Lanes Frequently

Although it is very easy to get impatient as you make your way to the stadium, it’s never a good idea to risk others’ safety just to gain a couple of car lengths. Everyone is going in the same direction and attending the same game. The stadium will still be standing even if it takes you an extra five minutes to find a parking spot.

Unless it’s unsafe to stay where you are or a police officer directs you to change lanes, stay put. The more you inch ahead by slipping in and out of lanes, the greater the risk you pose to others nearby.

Tip #5: Drive the Speed Limit, Nothing More

More than likely you’ve encountered a slow driver in the left land when traveling along the interstate. The rule of “slower traffic keep right” exists for this very reason. Sometimes driving slow can cause more harm than good. However, that is not the case when traveling to a sporting event.

Take the term “speed limit” literally—the number shown is the absolute limit at which you should travel. It’s honestly safer to drive slower as long as it doesn’t back up traffic. Unless you can see into the future, you won’t be able to anticipate how other cars or pedestrians are going to behave.

Since the roads will be jammed with all sorts of hazards, it’s wise to give yourself plenty of reaction time by maintaining a much slower speed as you make your way to a sporting event. Arriving just a few minutes earlier than everyone else is not worth anyone’s safety.

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