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4 Basic Fuel Saving Tips Everyone Should Know

With the constant rise in gas prices you just want to make sure you have enough for the work week or that upcoming vacation that you’ve had planned since the New Year. Makes complete sense. So, let’s take a look at a couple of factors that can impact your gas mileage and how you can avoid them.

Four Factors That Affect Your Gas Mileage

Turning your vehicle on and off uses a lot more fuel than you may think. If you have several errands to run, it’s best to do them in one trip rather than returning home, turning off your vehicle, and then going back out again. Try grouping similar trips together in order to maximize the fuel in your tank.

Everyone has experienced traffic in one form or fashion whether it’s the 5 o’clock jam or going to the mall during the holidays. It’s miserable to just sit in your car waiting for something to happen. It’s also terrible for your fuel efficiency. It’s recommended to take a slightly longer route home rather than letting your vehicle idle in traffic. You may even find a fun back country road to travel as you sing your heart out like nobody’s listening.

Since the winter months are over and the snow has gone into hiding, it’s a good idea to remove your ski rack from the roof of your car (if possible). The added weight will affect your vehicle’s fuel usage. You may have swapped that ski rack with a bike rack, but even removing the bike rack while not in use can help save a bit of gas.

Although those country roads and hills are fun to drive on, especially when trying to avoid traffic, don’t make a habit of traversing them. These roads can often cause resistance due to the bumpy ride. This resistance will eat away at your fuel and will have you stopping to fill-up much sooner than expected. Stay on those smooth roads as much as possible.

Be Mindful of How and Where You Drive

Understanding these four factors and how they affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency will take you a long way. Literally. Always be mindful of how you drive your vehicle as well as which roads and areas your travel through. Your vehicle will thank you and you’ll have gas for days! That’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

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