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Automatic vs Full-Service Car Washes – Which Should You Choose?

Whether you just bought yourself a new ride or you’re hanging on to that hand me down from your older sibling, it’s important to keep it clean. Many people swear by the automatic car wash because it saves time and effort.

Whereas, others feel they get a more thorough cleaning when they take their car to a full-service wash. Of course, you could always just put on some of your older clothes, grab the hose and do it yourself.

However, for those that would much rather be spending their time doing anything else but wash their car these two options deserve a closer look.

Automatic Car Wash

The Automatic Car wash is a great time saver. Depending on the option you choose, you and your car can be in and out in as little as 5 minutes. You won’t even need to turn off the A/C. The automatic arms will pre-soak, shampoo, rinse, wax and then perform a final rinse.

As you leave the tunnel, a giant blow dryer will ensure that no water spots are left behind. This solution is quick, cheap, and convenient. However, there are concerns about the brushes that are used to wash your car. Many of them have the propensity to leave scratches behind in its wake.

There are some automatic car washes that use cloth instead. You may not have one in your area but it’s worth further investigation. Since auto-car washes are everywhere, finding one of quality may take some time.

Full-Service Car Wash

A Full-Service Car Wash performed by real humans can often be the better choice. But it’s also the more expensive one. Not only will the wash cost more, but tips are expected for those that physically take care of your car.

With a Full-Service Wash, there is the option to have the interior cleaned as well. Having the option of getting the exterior and interior cleaned at the same place and time is very convenient. You will need to wait longer for your car to get washed but many places have a waiting room with TVs, WiFi, and snacks.

The big advantage to the Full-Service Wash is the increased chance that your car will be clean thoroughly since it was performed by hand. Humans are able to be more detailed by getting into all the nooks and crannies where dirt can reside.

But similar to the Automatic Car Wash, it’s important that you make sure the attendants use cloth and sponges rather than the rough brushes that can leave scratches.

Perform Your Due Diligence

Both Auto and Full-Service Car Washes offer similar experiences. It really just depends on the time you have, the money you want to spend, the services in your area, and even the type of car you have. It’s a matter of preference.

There are even detailing services that are mobile. These services will come to your place of residence, work, or leisure and take care of the interior of your car. Then you can swing by the auto-car wash and take care of the exterior and get the best of both worlds.

Whatever you decide make sure you research the businesses, ask your friends and families for recommendations, and don’t fall for silly marketing tactics that say one is better than the other.

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