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3 Driving Tips That You’ve Probably Never Heard of Before

As you peruse the internet you’ve seen tons of articles talking about safety tips for driving in all types of weather conditions and situations. Hopefully, you’ve even read the many driving tips we’ve shared on this site.

But we’ve got something a little different for you today. Read below to discover 3 driving tips that you’ve probably never heard of before.

Hidden Tip #1: Adjust Your Side Mirrors so Your Vehicle isn’t Visible

All vehicles have blind spots although some are worse than others. Many car accidents that occur on multilane roads are attributed to the blind spot. This has led to an increase in manufacturers installing sensors on side mirrors in order to assist drivers when a vehicle is in their blind spot. But more can be done.

It is possible for you to see the entire vehicle in your blind spot if you adjust your mirrors in such a way that your car is not visible. This will eliminate any overlap between when a vehicle moves from your side mirror to your peripheral.

This will allow passing vehicles to remain in at least one of your mirrors at all times.

Hidden Tip #2: Don’t Listen to Techno Music While You Drive

A study was conducted to investigate how listening to music affects a person’s driving. It included two groups: one that listened to music while driving, and one that drove in silence. The results were rather interesting.

Those that drove in silence had a heart rate that fluctuated while those that drove while listening to music had a more steady heart rate. At first glance it would appear that listening to music while driving was beneficial; drivers were more calm while on the road. However, this was far from the truth.

Regarding heart rate as it relates to safe driving, those who listened to music while behind the wheel failed the virtual driving test more often. The calming nature of these drives masked the distraction that the music invoked. They weren’t calm necessarily as much as they were unfocused.

In fact, drivers who listen to higher-tempo music were twice as likely to get into an accident. The biggest culprit, dub-step, is a genre that should be avoided while cruising along the road.

Hidden Tip #3: Use Your Parking Brake Before You Lose it

Most drivers only use their parking brake when they stop on a hill or an incline. This makes perfect sense just in case gravity hates you and putting your car in park isn’t enough. However, did you know that not using your parking (emergency) brake often enough will cause it to stop functioning properly?

When you use the parking brake it overrides the standard mechanism used to control your brakes and instead stops your car with cables. Unfortunately, cables can rust and deteriorate especially with infrequent use.

The last thing you need during an emergency situation is for the parking brake cable to snap rendering it useless therefore putting yourself and others in danger. Use your parking brake every so often to ensure that it works when you need it.

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