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3 Must-Have Apps That Every Roadtripper Needs

You’ve given your care a tune-up, planned your final destination, chosen your routes, and downloaded your favorite movies and games. You are all set for the road trip of a lifetime. There’s just one problem: this is your first ever road trip!

But don’t panic. There’s a free tour guide that will assist you on your journey. It goes where you go. It does what you tell it to. It’s your phone!

And it contains 3 must-have apps that will help you get from point A to Point B and all the other letters of the alphabet in between.


With a name like Roadtrippers, using this app for your travels is a no-brainer. This app will certainly keep you on your route, but it will also let you deviate from it as well. Just key in your final destination and then choose any nearby cities or activities that you want to visit along the way.

You can also search for accommodations to ensure that you have lodging after a long day of driving and sightseeing. You’ll know everything about everywhere once you’ve mastered the Roadtrippers app.

Gas Buddy

As part of your pre-trip preparation, you probably calculated a rough estimate of how much money you’d need for gas and maybe even which states or cities where you’d fill up your tank.

But with how volatile fuel prices are, how do you know which gas station to pick? It’s almost as if you need a little buddy to help you out.

Gas Buddy is an easy to use, straightforward app that can show you up to date gas prices based on your location. You can set filter options to find the cheapest gas, closest gas, or whether or not a station has hot dogs for sale!

There is even an option to become a member which will give you more opportunities to save.

Blink Roadside Assistance

Let’s be honest, it’s quite possible you will have at least some minor mechanic issues. It’s wise not to assume that your road trip will go perfectly in regard to the health of your car. But that’s okay! Blink Roadside Assistance can make sure you get the help you need if something unexpected happens.

If you sense an issue that you are unable to address yourself, just pull over, enter your location into Blink and the app will immediately send someone to help you. There are several categories to choose from such as Lockout, Flat Tire, and Battery.

Once you have notified Blink of your particular issue, the app will show you a cost estimate and ask if you want to proceed. Then you just grab your hot dog, sit back, and wait!

Throwing caution to the wind is part of the road trip experience. But there’s also no such thing as being over prepared. These 3 road trip apps can help you enjoy the best of both worlds.

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